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Franz Ferdinand Media

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franz_media is a community for the sharing of Franz Ferdinand and Franz Ferdinand-related media, including but not limited to videos, b-sides, and live bootlegs.

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We have few rules, but the important ones are:

1. a) Please do not request or upload songs from Franz Ferdinand's albums. All three albums are easy to find in your local record store or online, so please support the band by buying them.

1. b) Please do not request or upload songs from the Box Codax album, either of the Amphetameanies albums or the Karelia album. All can be ordered online and probably ordered by your local record store if you take it upon yourself to ask. B-sides and rarities are still allowed.

2. Please post new requests in new posts, and fulfill these requests in the comments of the relevant post.

3. As we are a members-only community, all posts will be friends-locked automatically.

4. YouSendIt and SendSpace are two of the best sites for uploading files. Please use them if you can. Yousendit links last for either 7 days or 100 downloads - whichever one comes first. SendSpace links do not expire expire exactly one week after the most recent download. If for some reason you cannot use either of these sites, there is a list of alternatives here.

5. Please make sure to comment if you've downloaded a file! Not only is it polite, but it will also help keep track of the downloads so the original poster or other members of the community can re-upload the file once it has expired.

6. franz_media is for audio and video files only. News articles, pictures, moodthemes, icon posts and so on are not allowed. Please do not post or request items of this manner. All entries that fall under these categories will be deleted without further notice. If you want to share icons or whatever with Franz Ferdinand fans, try one of the numerous other Franz Ferdinand communities, such as franzferdinand or slacken_ties slacker_ties. Not here.

7. Please remember to tag your posts to make searching the community easier for other members.

8. Please do not upload video files as .flv; .mov and .avi are preferred as they will play on most computers.

"Bang Bang (Bomber Mix)" does not exist. Any posts asking for this or claiming to have a copy will be deleted.

Your moderators are girlintheband, liveline and sundayave. x